Cellular Automata Applet and Example Patterns

This Java applet is called MJCell and was written by my friend Mirek Wojtowicz. Mirek is a brilliant programmer and MJCell is an excellent example of his work. The source code of this applet together with an even better program called MCell can be obtained free from here. MCell is a Windows program written using Delphi and is a greatly expanded version of MJCell. It also exemplifies Mirek's considerable programming skills and superb human interface design. One of the best libraries of cellular automata patterns on the net together with a large collection of links to related sites can also be found on Mirek's site.

I use Mirek's applet here to display some of the cellular automata patterns that I have been working on recently. Patterns for the Generations rules Rake and Snake and the Weighted Life rule Bustle are included. All of these patterns were generated using MCell on my PC. To view these patterns and their evolution, press the start button below.