Cellular Automata Rules and Patterns

By Brian Prentice

Over the past several years I have been exploring cellular automata using specific rules and rule families that I have created. I used an excellent program called MCell, which was written by Mirek Wójtowicz, to conduct these explorations. The result of this work was a large collection of patterns which is informally presented here. The collection is divided into sets based on the specific rules or rule families required to run them. Some pattern sets require a dynamic link library (DLL) to extend MCell. The required DLL together with the Delphi source code is included with such pattern sets.

Set 1
Generations rules Snake and Rake and Weighted Life rules Bustle and Bustle II.
Patterns (BP.zip).

Set 2
Railroads using the Generation rule Star Wars.
Patterns (Railroads.zip).

Set 3
Weighted Generations rules.
Patterns, DLL and Document (WeightedGenerations.zip)

Set 4
Weighted Generations 3 rules.
Patterns, DLL and Document (WeightedGenerations3.zip)

Set 5
Interacting States rules.
Patterns, DLL and Document (InteractingStates.zip)

Set 6
Hexagonal Interacting States rules.
Patterns: DLL and Document (HexagonalInteractingStates.zip)

Set 7
Particle Streams and Diagonal Particle Streams.
Patterns and DLL's (ParticleStreams.zip)

Set 8
Knight Ships, Knight Puffers and Knight Guns.
Patterns (KnightPatterns.zip)

All DLL's.
DLL's (Dlls.zip).